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Family vacations can be the best time of our lives, especially when visiting somewhere exotic and tropical, but they can also be a little difficult when it comes time to do things that everyone wants to do together. Beach time on 30A is always a preferred activity, but you may not want to spend every minute on the sand, especially when the weather may not always cooperate with your plans! We at Tropical Escape 30A understand the needs of travelers, and we spend a large part of our days seeking spots the entire family can enjoy, such as Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade. Located at 90 Seascape Drive #105 in Miramar Beach, and offering so many ways to play together, kids will never want to leave and parents will be thrilled for the opportunity to relive the “funderful” times of their youth!

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Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade Adventures to Remember

In recent days, laser tag in Miramar Beach has often been used for team-building experiences in the corporate world, but when it is just you and your family, it is simply an excuse to have the best time of your vacation lives! The Temple of Doom, their laser tag arena, invites excitement and spurs the imaginations of children from 6 to 96, (It might be a little too frightening for children under or above those ages!) and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to do it again, almost before you finish the first time! Offering exciting adventures at a low price (Prices start at $10 per person per game) and a creative environment that may shock you with its realism, the laser tag portion of your day is destined to become one of your favorite memories. But, as in every great adventure, there is still more to explore, as hyped-up families wander over to the arcade portion of the establishment. Offering bright lights and all the games of your youth, plus quite a few new ones you will be quite excited to play, this arcade room feels like a casino for kids that adults will love too! Providing 70 playing stations and the opportunity to win the coolest of prizes, even if you don’t have children and are traveling with just the heart of your life, the arcade makes a date night more fun than you think.

The Thrills Keep Coming

Thrills Laser Tag & Arcade also offers an ice cream parlor named Moo La-La, and party rooms that can be rented for special occasions including birthdays. And because the thrills keep coming, the only thing better than a day spent at Thrills Laser Tag in Miramar Beach is coming home to Tropical Escape 30A to relax and recover from your adventures! Reserve your favorite vacation rental on 30A today! Need more information? Contact our team!

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