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30A history is a rich and storied one involving ancient peoples, fiery battles, and even the suspicion of the existence of the Fountain of Youth, but today we at Tropical Escape 30A want to focus our examination of the past to those spots that exist along Highway 30A. Giving our guests a vacation that is filled with fun, fancy, and fantastically comfortable is just a part of our jobs; helping them discover every aspect of the wonders found in Florida is just as important, imparting a love of the towns, the region, and the entire state! This guide to some of the historical landmarks that exist along 30A will give your carefree getaway a richer experience that will make you wish the good times never had to end!

Starting with the Obvious

Highway 30A itself is actually considered a historic landmark, offering 24 miles of beauty and 30A history and having become more than just a highway to beauty, but a symbol that represents everything that is wonderful about the area. Considered the birthplace of New Urbanism, towns built on the idea that walkability is key and accessible public places are vital to the happiness of the community, Highway 30A is something special, providing a vibe that has become representative of the region. The 30A vibe is one that is carefree, laidback, and luxurious, and as you stay in one of our Tropical Escape 30A havens, you will find that we have captured the best of the lifestyle, but it is important that while you are here, no matter how comfortable you may feel living it up in our Florida sanctuaries, you take some time to explore the adventures that can be had while touring the beauty of Highway 30A.

Indian Temple Mound Museum, 139 Miracle Strip Parkway SE in Fort Walton Beach

Located just a bit north of Highway 30A, the Indian Temple Mound Museum represents the first peoples of our tropical paradise. Offering exhibits and artifacts that date back over 12,000 years, the museum is actually the first city-owned and operated one, first opening in 1962, although today’s incarnation opened to the public 10 years later. The mound itself, perhaps built in 800 CE, once served as the center of all important socialization of the Native Americans who made their home in the area and is a sacred burial ground.

Camp Walton School House, 127 Miracle Strip Parkway SE in Fort Walton Beach

Both the Indian Temple Mound Museum and the Camp Walton School House are located within the confines of the Heritage Park and Cultural Center, making it an easy walk to go from the museum to the schoolhouse. Built in 1911 and opened to local school kids in 1912, this relative newcomer to the historic scene is a fascinating example of the education process in the early years. Offering just one room, as was the habit back then, the school is a simple structure built by the hand of pine and oak. It has actually been moved three different times in its century-plus of existence! Open from 1912 through 1936, in the late 1920s, a second room was added on for high school grades, but today it still represents the charm and simplicity of the one-roomed schoolhouses that were the norm in America’s early days.

vintage classroom bird on a lake

Coastal Dune Lakes – 15 in Total!

A coastal dune lake is one of the rarest natural occurrences, with only four places on earth offering them, and lucky us, Highway 30A is home to 15 of them! From the most photographed shores of Western Lake to the largest lake spreading out for almost 800 acres, Lake Powell, these shallow depressions where salt water from the sea meets the freshwater that is the norm for lakes offer a fascinating glimpse into the whimsy of Mother Nature. The creatures that thrive in this bizarre mixture of salt and fresh water are proof that the natural world is a strange and beautiful place.

Wesley House, 181 Eden Gardens Road in Santa Rosa Beach

Built in 1897 and holding a collection of American furniture that dates all the way back to 1790, the Wesley House shows a lifestyle that has disappeared into the annals of history. Presenting an elegant columned front and rooms filled with memories, the echoes of the past whisper loudly as guests conduct their tours. Open for tours Thursdays through Mondays, the gardens that surround this stately structure are open every day and will give visitors a sense of peace and serenity that is much needed in the chaotic and hectic times of today!

Come Experience the History of 30A with Tropical Escape 30A

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