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The fun you can have during your vacation in 30A Florida isn’t limited to the beaches, shops, and your Tropical Escape 30A vacation haven. Fill your hours fishing in coastal dune lakes, exploring the history of the area, and for those families with tiny travelers, a visit to Baytowne Adventure Zone! Located at 9300 Baytowne Wharf Boulevard in Miramar Beach and offering outdoor adventures that will make your kids’ eyes shine with happiness as they laugh out loud, this fun park offers adventures that will excite children of all ages! And because they are sure to be exhausted after a long day spent ziplining, climbing the ropes, and bouncing on trampolines, we can almost promise they will fall fast asleep the moment their heads hit the pillows when you return home to your Florida vacation haven, it will be time to enjoy more comfortable adventures of your own.

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Where to Start at Baytowne Adventure Zone?

The park promises to be something your children will want to visit over and over again, so don’t be surprised when they are reluctant to leave and eager to repeat the experience the following days. Offering a zipline that flies 45 feet above the lagoon below, because of the harnesses involved, “fliers” must be over 42 inches in height and under 300 pounds. The Sky Trail Ropes and the Skytykes Rope Course are two more ways the littles can expend some excess energy as they scramble across the ropes in courses designed for their height and weight. For kiddos between 42 and 48 inches in height, adults must join them on the Sky Trail Ropes, ensuring you can take part in the magic as well!

One of our favorite adventures in the zone, however, is the Bungy Trampoline, an invention that lets your future acrobats jump, bounce, and flip to their heart’s content, all while remaining safely harnessed and avoiding any potential accidents! Also offering a Stairway to Heaven that kids are encouraged to climb without using their hands, and a cool Baytowne Golf Challenge that will definitely appeal to your oldest children, each adventure is reasonably priced and destined to be one that will become your children’s newest obsession. Mario who? Minecraft what? Being outside and flying in the gorgeous Florida weather is all the fun your kids will want or need!

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