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The holidays are supposed to be our favorite time of the year, but after spending too many Thanksgivings, cleaning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning again, is it any wonder that this year you are looking to escape the madness? A visit to the sunny beaches found along the 30A highway in Florida is a popular holiday activity and those in the know understand that they will find all the comforts of home when they choose Tropical Escape 30A for their vacation accommodations! This Florida travel guide to all that you will be happy to give thanks for during your Thanksgiving on 30A will ensure that you still get to experience the season, without feeling overwhelmed and over-exhausted!

A Meal to Remember

No matter what the reasons behind your Thanksgiving 30A trip may be, the turkey dinner that is the centerpiece of all holiday celebrations does not have to be skipped! To be honest, you won’t miss crotchety Aunt Selma, but that doesn’t mean you won’t miss her pumpkin pie, and although it may not taste exactly the same, there are definitely going to be a variety of restaurants open on that special Thursday! Old Florida Fish House, located at 34 Goldenrod Circle in Santa Rosa Beach may be known for its seafood under normal occasions, but on Thanksgiving, it will be their roasted turkey breast that will make your mouth water!

Stinky’s Fish Camp, 5960 W County Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach is another local favorite serving an amazing Thanksgiving meal in addition to their standard dinner menus! For those who don’t want to get out of their comfy pants but want to enjoy a meal prepared by others, there are many restaurants and markets that will be offering full meals to be taken home and heated up! Café 30A in Seagrove Beach, Destin Ice Market in Inlet Beach, and Modica Market in Seaside are just a few places that offer precooked Thanksgiving feasts for you and your family to enjoy!

Black Friday Shopping

The deals you find during Black Friday shopping are irresistible, and yes, that includes the ones offered at our local stores. Pick up a rubber duckie for your Jeep-owning cousin at Duckies Shop of Fun, 45 Central Square in Santa Rosa Beach, find a beautiful book of seascapes in the Rosemary Beach Trading Company for your mother-in-law, and while you’re giving your credit cards a workout, why not explore the offerings found at Bungalow Home and Life 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. We can’t tell you what wonderful things will be available or even what deals will be found, but we can tell you that your Black Friday shopping will be better than what you find at home!

A Day at the Beach

While the rest of the world is slipping into their corduroys and fall sweaters, we in the Florida panhandle are still wearing shorts and tees! The weather at Thanksgiving is just about perfect here, rarely rising above 81 and almost never falling beneath 57 degrees, so if you want to spend a day at the beach, we say go for it! The pics you will take will arouse envy in your family back home and the peace and tranquility a day spent seaside will bring happiness to your life!

The Christmas Season Begins

No sooner than the last piece of pumpkin pie has been consumed and the final cup of coffee has been enjoyed will the Christmas season begin, and the panhandle loves to celebrate! Watch tree-lighting ceremonies in Seaside, buy Christmas gifts and goodies at the Farmers’ Market held in Rosemary Beach every Sunday, and take the kiddos for pictures with Santa at Grand Boulevard at San Destin. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is when local residents will be setting up their holiday decorations, so by Saturday, after you have finished your Black Friday shopping, why not load the family up in your rental car and drive around the neighborhoods and downtown area taking in the sights of beautifully decorated homes and businesses? It’s the small moments like this that will help bring out the holiday spirit in your heart and will be remembered with a smile during the busy days that lie ahead.

Festive and Bright Thanksgiving on 30A

The beauty of our holiday hideaways may just entice you to spend as much time at home as you can! Create a family feast in our fully equipped kitchens or just reheat the pre-cooked meal you bought at the restaurants we listed above. Gather around large tables with your family, taking turns reciting what you are thankful for as you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on state-of-the-art televisions playing in living room; open concept floor plans allow you to easily eat and watch television! Sleep deep in preparation for your day of Black Friday shopping in bedrooms designed to bring guests happy dreams and if sleep doesn’t come quickly, take a few minutes to sit out on balconies that overlook the gulf, letting the tranquility of the sea invade your soul! Reserve your favorite today!

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