Spring Guide to 30A

As we continue our exploration of 30A through the seasons, it is time to discover what spring can bring to you when you visit. The season of promise, back in your hometown spring can often be a bit chaotic; warm one day, stormy the next, and providing an unexpected blizzard the day after that, but on 30A, spring offers the perfect springboard into summer. The days stay balmy and mild, the water temperature begins to warm up and frolicking in the waters of the Gulf becomes our favorite thing to do. And as you might expect, our Tropical Escape 30A seasonal sanctuaries offer the best way to begin and end every day of your stay. This 30A travel guide to your spring escape to 30A will ensure that every minute of every day of your Florida spring vacation will be filled with fun, excitement, and all the comforts of home!

Take a Hike

The early days of spring can still be a bit chilly for a day at the beach, but the cooler temps make a hike along the many trails that can be found along 30A the perfect spring activity for this Florida vacation planning guide. Explore the seven trails of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, taking time to stop at Morris Lake, a rare coastal dune lake that can only be found in a few places in the world. If you are serious about your hiking, the Point Washington State Forest Trail system offers over 15,000 acres and 27 miles of trails that lead guests through some secluded areas that will provide scenic views and the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the woodland creatures that make their home in its protected land. We often think of this section of the United States as paradise, and when you hike through Eden Gardens State Park, we think you will definitely agree! What was once home to a local lumber baron is now a protected area that is both peaceful and stunning and if you visit out of storm season, you can take a tour of the William Henry Wesley home that is the centerpiece of the park.

A Cold Beer on a Warm Day of your Florida Spring Vacation

As the temperatures rise, nothing soothes a dry and thirsty throat more than an ice-cold beer, and the Grayton Beer Company located at 217 Serenoa Road in Santa Rosa Beach offers a chance to taste the best brews on 30A. Sip your way through town, sampling great beers with names like 1890s Founders Ale, Fish Whistle IPA, and of course, our regions most popular beer, the 30A Beach Blonde Ale! NEAT, located in Alys Beach, may be your destination of choice on one of those warm days, offering a diverse selection of spirits, wines, and craft beers and is sure to be the perfect choice for travelers who don’t share the same taste for adult beverages!

Artsy Adventures

Paradise attracts the most talented of artists, and as you wind your way down 30A, there are many galleries and shops you should stop and explore. The most unusual of art museums, The Underwater Museum of Art in Santa Rosa Beach, offers examples of just that; art pieces that are located underwater, becoming one with the world under the sea and often providing home to many sea creatures. Curate 30A in Rosemary Beach is a more traditional gallery, featuring the works of local artists and allowing visitors to take a piece of Florida home with them to enjoy for years to come. For those who want to make their own art, there are a variety of establishments that offer painting and sipping sessions, including Rock Paper Scissors 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. These businesses provide the tools for guests to create and because we can be self-conscious stepping outside our creative boxes, the adult beverages will help lower your inhibitions!

The Beauty of Home

Coming home every evening to the comforts found in our Tropical Escape 30A seasonal sanctuaries promises to be the best part of your vacation escape! Relax in front of state-of-the-art televisions with a cool drink in hand, feeling like you are a part of the action on the screen. Let the tranquility of the sea invade your soul as you sit out on balconies that peek out over turquoise waters and sandy beaches, again, with a cool drink in hand because, why not? You are on vacation and you don’t have to wake to the annoying buzz of your alarm. Tranquil bedrooms with soft beds, spa-like baths with deep soaking tubs, and access to hot tubs and community pools will ensure that your days are filled with all the happy moments that you hoped would occur. The best memories are made in our seasonal sanctuaries, making you consider a return vacation to check out what the other seasons will bring you. Reserve your favorite today!

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