July 4th in 30A

The summer holidays are our favorites, giving us the chance to travel, play, and explore for an extra paid day off and as the 4th of July draws closer, you too may be feeling the urge to explore further. Florida is a popular summer vacation spot and the 30A communities offer the ideal spaces in which to relax and recharge from all your holiday celebrations! Find your favorite Tropical Escape 30A holiday hideaway and use it as a base to come home to every day of your stay; this guide to July 4th in 30A and our home away from home vacation escapes will ensure that every day of your stay will be filled with happy memories, comfortable adventures, and all the fireworks that make America’s birthday one of the most popular holidays in the nation!

Patriotic Breakfasts

The best part of every holiday is usually the food that goes along with it we think that pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream will make the most patriotic of breakfasts! Visitors to 30A have the opportunity to make their own in our fully equipped kitchens or hit the town and explore the different restaurants that will make the pancakes, serve the pancakes, and clean up after you eat the pancakes! Cracking’s, 51 Uptown Grayton Circle in Santa Rosa Beach, the Summer Kitchen Café, 78 Main Street in Rosemary Beach, and even Crepes du Soleil Airstream, 2215 E County Highway in Seaside all offer delicious and fluffy options to enjoy your own red, white, and blue beginning to the birthday celebration!

Which Way to the Fireworks?

No matter how you look at it, your favorite way to celebrate this wonderful summer holiday is by ending the day with a fireworks celebration! Sitting on a blanket on the ground (or a lawn chair for those who aren’t quite sure they will be able to return to a standing position from that far away!) laughing with the kids and grandkids who are practically vibrating with excitement in those final moments before the sky turns a velvety black and the colorful explosions begin is a time-honored tradition that doesn’t have to be skipped simply because you are on vacation!

Many of the communities offer their own displays, often exploding over the sea, ensuring you enjoy the fireworks in the sky and their reflection in the waters below! Rosemary Beach traditionally offers a show on the beach (and a bicycle parade in the morning hours) as does Seaside with their Seaside 4th of July Pops and the 4th of July Concert & Fireworks held at the Alys Beach Amphitheater is always a popular event. The shows we love most offer patriotic music that accompanies each explosion, and as you travel up or down 30A, many of the communities will offer their own shows with concerts! Baytowne Wharf, Destin Harbor, Fort Walton Beach, and a little further down the coast, Panama City Beach will all offer 30a 4th of July shows you will never forget!

The Best 30a 4th of July Celebration of All

Families know how to celebrate birthdays better than anyone and that includes America’s Birthday! Spend your fabulous 4th staying home with Tropical Escape 30A, exploring all the amenities your home sweet vacation home, condo, or villa has to offer. Homes with private pools provide large yards where a family barbecue can take place and as you grill hamburgers or hot dogs, relax by the pool with a frothy margarita in hand, and watch your littles practice holding their breath underwater, you will know you have discovered your own personal Nirvana.

Wear your favorite red swimsuit and wrap yourself in a large and fluffy white beach towel to continue the theme of patriotism and if the temps get a little too sultry, take the party inside and enjoy a picnic in the air-conditioned coolness of the home you chose to make your own! Toss together some sandwiches in our fully equipped kitchens, stream your favorite barbecue music (Sirius often offers a themed 4th of July music show!), and let the games begin.

Depending on which community you are staying in for 4th of July on 30a, when night falls and the sounds of crickets, sea breezes, and the occasional bullfrog start to croak, the sounds of fireworks exploding in the sky may drown out all other noises! Not every community will have its own fireworks show and while you may not be able to see them from your back deck in the ones that do, you may be able to watch them light up the sky in our nation’s capital, simply by watching them on television! (Again, there is air conditioning inside!)

Reserve your Favorite Tropical Escape 30A Sanctuary Today!

Will your 4th of July be fun if you decide to stay home and not travel to Florida? Of course, it will, but your holiday WILL shine brighter when you choose a 30A vacation and a stay in our Tropical Escape 30A holiday havens! Reserve your favorite today for 4th of July on 30a!

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