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The beauty in the 30A lifestyle is the ability to get in your car and just keep driving, knowing that you will find something wonderful, no matter where you go. 30A in itself is only about 24 miles long, but the entirety of Florida ensures that travelers have over 1000 miles of coastline along which they can travel to 30A, and because of the proximity of Alabama, visitors can add another state to the mix! Of course, as you explore all the fun you can have in the area you have chosen to stay on 30A and you discover all of the comforts and luxuries offered in our Tropical Escape 30A vacation havens, you probably won’t have much spare time left for extensive road trips, but we have provided the basics for you to enjoy at least one day trip to 30A during your stay in paradise! Expanding your horizons and deepening your love for this most appealing part of our nation, this guide to day trips from 30A will enhance a getaway that you probably thought was already perfect just the way it was.

Spend a Day on Shell Island

 This first trip to 30A isn’t all that far from your 30A sanctuary, located about 30 minutes off the highway, but that just ensures you will have more time to explore all its wonders. Panama City Beach is a town you may want to explore more thoroughly, offering sandy beaches, a fun Ferris wheel, and shops and restaurants that are fulfilling and satisfying, but today, we want to discuss Shell Island. Completely uninhabited, something that is quite rare, and offering pristine beaches that will make you think that living on a deserted island isn’t all that bad, you can only reach your destination by boat, so rent one, hop on the Shell Island Shuttle, or take a tour; Paradise Adventures PCB offers a variety of Shell Island tours destined to pique your interest! Once you arrive, you can relax on the beach, do a little birdwatching, or let the pod of dolphins that live in the area entertain you with their antics from a safe distance. Swimming with the dolphins is illegal, for their safety as much as yours, but you will still enjoy their sweetness and sense of fun, no matter how far away you are! Be sure to bring snacks, water, sunscreen, and anything else you may think you need for your comfort, because Shell Island is uninhabited and offers no concessions.

Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna, Florida

Branching out a little further, Florida Caverns State Park is located about 90 minutes east of 30A and offers a fantastic and entertaining way to stay cool during the hottest days of summer! You’ll find trails aboveground that explore the karst topography and the opportunity to examine over 600 types of plant life, or, and this is our favorite part, take one of the cavern tours, open to the public Thursday through Monday from 8 AM until sunset. Offering the only air filled caves in the entire state, exploring the caverns will keep you cool as it ignites a flame of excitement for spelunking! (Don’t worry, no equipment is needed on this guided tour, and plenty of souvenirs can be found in the gift shop at the end of the tour.)

Discover Destin

It’s only been in the last few decades that the rest of the world has discovered what we here on 30A have known all along: Destin, Florida truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth, making the town the perfect place to add to your road trip destinations! Offering more of those amazing sandy beaches that make other beaches less appealing, and known as the “world’s luckiest fishing village,” the adventures you can enjoy here will be exciting ones. HarborWalk Village is destined to be your favorite Destin destination, offering shops to explore, restaurants to enjoy, and lively events that celebrate all things in life. Every week offers a new chance to watch fireworks show at night, to chill out while listening to live music, and to participate in themed events that may coincide with a holiday or may be just something that appeals to those who plan out these fun happenings! Take a glass-bottomed boat tour in the harbor just off the boardwalk, watch your children let loose in the Adventure Zone, and devour the freshest and sweetest seafood in the area at Harry T’s Lighthouse.

All Roads Lead to Tropical Escape 30A

Your daytime adventures in Florida are destined to bring you excitement and joy, and because all roads lead back to your Tropical Escape 30A vacation sanctuaries, they will also provide comfort and luxury! Reserve your favorite haven today and come home to beauty, peace, and serenity every night of your stay.

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