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Vacation photographs are a tradition that brings joy, and when you make your vacation one in the 30A area of Florida, the good news is that it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture! Blue skies, beautiful sandy beaches, and turquoise waters are stunning, as is the tropical foliage that accents each and the charming homes and condos that line up along the world’s most famous highway! Even your basic cell phone pics will be frame-worthy as you click and point at whatever catches your fancy. Our guide to the best places for 30A photography, the most photogenic spots in the region, will ensure that every picture you take will be your favorite!

Eden Gardens in Eden Gardens State Park, Santa Rosa Beach

Even as this spot is off 30A, it is close enough to count, and of course, you can expect to take amazing pictures in a place named Eden! Eden Gardens State Park provides over 160 acres of tropical foliage, cypress, pine, and oak trees and is also the historic site of the Wesley homestead, a beautiful plantation home that was built in 1897. We simply can’t imagine a more beautiful spot to say, “I do,” and the Wesley homestead is definitely a popular spot for weddings, and when you see the pictures taken of your special day, they will be as beautiful and shiny as your love for each other. The gardens behind the home, Eden Gardens, provide peace, beauty, and more photo opps and the pictures taken here will stun!

Hollywood Was Here

The communities along 30A provide charm and style, but the town of Seaside outshines them all, offering pastel-hued homes that Hollywood fell in love with, basing a 1997 movie on its streets. The Truman Show was filmed here, presenting the town of Seaside as an idyllic prison for poor Truman, and although he walked away at the end of the movie, you may find it difficult to do the same! Located at 31 Natchez Street, the Truman home was shown as number 36 on the big screen, and the current owners have kept the number above the door, (to avoid confusion for mail and visitors) making it easy to find! Take a selfie with the home to your back, impressing friends and family who remember the movie, or simply stroll through the neighborhood, taking artsy shots of gabled roofs, and colorful doors, or even taking photos at Ruskin Place Artist Colony, a local park, in between shopping or dining.

Western Lake, Extending from Grayton Beach to Watercolor

The coastal dune lakes of 30A are rare and beautiful, and Western Lake is perhaps the most photographed of all. Loosely defined as a lake where fresh and saltwater connects and because there are only four places in the entire world that offer coastal dune lakes, we are proud to not just offer one, but an amazing 15 of them, including Western Lake, the largest coastal dune lake in the country. Photograph the sun setting over the lake with wild grasses and tall palm trees appearing in shadow against the kaleidoscope of colors that light up the sky. Get up close and personal, pointing your camera at the unusual creatures that make their homes inside these unusual waters, or rent a canoe and take pics from a new point of view, the center of the lake looking out at the landscape that surrounds the area!

Family Pics at Inlet Beach

To be perfectly honest, the best 30A beaches photos taken are destined to be the best ones you have ever taken, but we had to choose just one, so welcome to Inlet Beach! Pose your loved ones against the sea oats on a sand dune, with the sea, the sky, and the sun providing a beautiful complement to the beautiful smiles on your family’s faces. Get action shots of your teens boogie boarding or of the intricate sandcastle you and your littles are working diligently to build at the shore’s edge. Bring out the colorful beach chairs and umbrellas, stake your claim on a sandy point near the water, and be prepared to be amazed at the stunning quality of the candid shots you take on Inlet Beach!

The Moments That Matter

Families grow and change, and the annual vacation may end up becoming a getaway for two, so the quiet moments you capture “on film” will be the moments you will be able to remember forever. Stolen pictures of wives reading on the balconies, kids whispering to each other in the bunk beds of our Tropical Escape 30A bedrooms, or sunrise selfies with the backdrop of the sea taking a starring role in each pic—these moments are the ones that matter and can be enjoyed every day when you choose our homes for your vacation haven! Reserve your favorite property today.

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